About Hope Abelson

For more than 50 years, Hope Abelson exuded her passion as a performer, producer, and patron of the arts in her home town of Chicago, as well as in New York and Canada.

Her career in the arts began as the co-founder of the Chevy Chase Theater in Wheeling, and as a producer at the Music Theatre in what is now Northfield. Soon she was lured to New York to serve as a member of legendary producer Cheryl Crawford's staff, where her accomplishments included bringing Tennessee William's "Camino Real" to Broadway.

Hope earned many honors for her work in the arts, including the Moscow Arts' Stanislavsky 100th Birthday Medal in 1962, a Silver Medal from the city of Stratford, Ontario in 1969 and a Joseph Jefferson Special Honors Citation in 1986. The American Ballet Theatre presented her with its Movado Award, and she was a recipient of the prestigious Bravo Award from Rosary Dominican University in 1988.

Hope's extraordinary career is reflected in her complete biography (PDF format). Her working papers, production notes, awards, and photographs are also archived at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Curated by Martha Briggs, the collection can be accessed by appointment or in this online archive.